Designing solutions

Yin Xiuzhen, Portable City­Hangzhou, 2011. Suitcase, clothes, magnifying glass, map, sound element, 11 x 59 13/16 x 34 5/8″

Curating a museum exhibition is never a small task. For an undergraduate student, it’s a rare opportunity.

With precision

Dominic Sanford

Dominic Sanford, MD, (right) is on track to be a “star surgical oncologist,” according to his mentor and program director, Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH.


WashULaw - achievements

The School of Law’s competition teams – the Jessup Team and the Trial Teams – scored big in both national and international competitions.

MBA students impress international corporation

Austin French

A Belgian company was so impressed with the efforts of a group of Olin Business School MBA students to map out a U.S. market entry strategy, the company made the trip to St. Louis to further interact with the students, marking the first time an international practicum partner has visited the school.

Ready, set, hack!

Kristy Okada

A group of WUSTL students known collectively as “The Force” won the $50,000 top prize during GlobalHack’s first 48-hour ‘hackathon’ held Jan. 31-Feb. 2 in St. Louis.

Listening to your gut (microbes)

Vanessa Ridaura

Vanessa Ridaura, PhD, a graduate student in molecular genetics and genomics, will leave the university with an honor that recognizes a graduate student whose laboratory endeavors bridge basic research and clinical medicine.

Breathe of fresh air

Rebecca Gernes

Rebecca Gernes came to the Brown School with an interest in studying the role geography, or place, played in public health equity.

In his father’s footsteps and beyond

Raymond “Bamvi” Fohtung

As a child in Cameroon, in west Central Africa, Raymond “Bamvi” Fohtung watched his father, a family physician, care for neighbors and others in his community. Inspired, he decided that he, too, would become a doctor one day.