2014 Shaping the Future

On to the next big thing

Kasey Joyce, former reporter for KSDK-TV in St. Louis and president of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Association at Olin Business School, has been highly involved with entrepreneurship in her two years in the MBA program. After graduation, Joyce will join local venture capital firm Cultivation Capital as a principal in the firm’s technology fund.

Kasey Joyce

What appeals to you about entrepreneurship?

My favorite part about being a TV reporter was that I was able to build a story from the ground up, starting with nothing but an idea. The same thing excites me about the world of entrepreneurship. I love that you can take an idea, a handful of smart people, the right resources and build the next big thing.

What is it about St. Louis that makes it such a great place for startups?

In the last five years, St. Louis has built a pipeline and an ecosystem to help foster startup growth and development. There are now so many groups working together to help entrepreneurs succeed. Additionally, the cost of living and doing business in St. Louis makes launching a startup so much easier.

What will you be doing in your role at Cultivation Capital?

My primary job is to find the next prospective companies Cultivation might invest in, dig into them and perform due diligence, and help negotiate the deals if and once they are approved.

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