Reflecting on how experiences can shape dreams

Connie Shao

In everyone’s life there are pivotal moments that could change the future, but whether or not they do depends on recognizing their meaning and value.

Research sparks empathy

Esther Barker

Esther Barker, a financial accounting assistant in radiation oncology at the Washington University School of Medicine, has no plans to switch careers now that she has earned a history degree from University College in Arts & Sciences.

Bringing ecotourism home

“Unfortunately all of the people who come here to float or hike drive straight through the towns,” said Andrew Sheeley, who grew up in the Ozarks. “They don’t stop at local businesses or get to know the local people.”

On to the next big thing

Kasey Joyce

Kasey Joyce, former reporter for KSDK-TV in St. Louis and president of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Association at Olin Business School, has been highly involved with entrepreneurship in her two years in the MBA program.

Improving other women’s quality of life

Christina “Nina” Marino

Christina “Nina” Marino will receive a doctorate in physical therapy at Commencement, after which she will begin a clinical residency in women’s health.

Her head (and heart) in the stars

Abigail (Abby) Fraeman

Abigail (Abby) Fraeman’s love of space really took off during middle school when her father brought home a telescope.

A strong career trajectory

Sarah Raven

Sarah Raven, a master’s candidate in the BS/MS program in mechanical engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, will start work in July as a structural analysis engineer at The Boeing Company, working with military aircraft.

Gaining real-world perspective

Grace Feenstra

Grace Feenstra, an Annika Rodriguez Scholar who majored in economics and urban studies in Arts & Sciences, will join other WUSTL classmates and alums at Bain & Company in Dallas where she will work as an associate consultant.