2014 Shaping the Future

A model student

In the days before 9/11, Luis Lopez-Blazquez would explore the airfields of Miami International Airport with his father, a civil engineer there. At home, he would play with planes and build model airports.

Luis Lopez-Blazquez - airport model

Lopez-Blazquez created the above airport for an international model diorama contest.

That childhood passion will soon be Lopez-Blazquez’ career. Leading aviation consultancy Ricondo & Associates, Inc., has hired him to help redesign Orlando International Airport.

“To get a job doing something that I do for fun is a dream,” said Lopez-Blazquez, a mechanical engineering major in the School of Engineering & Applied Science. “The airport is the first impression you get of a city. My goal is to help create a fun and welcoming environment that primes them for the experience they are about to have.”

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