2014 Shaping the Future

Improving other women’s quality of life

Christina “Nina” Marino

Christina “Nina” Marino (right), discusses the female reproductive system with one of her mentors, Tracy Spitznagle, DPT, associate professor in the Program in Physical Therapy and coordinator of the program’s clinical residency in women’s health.

Christina “Nina” Marino will receive a doctorate in physical therapy at Commencement, after which she will begin a clinical residency in women’s health.

Interested in treating women with a variety of health concerns — incontinence, pelvic pain, osteoporosis and lymphedema among them — Marino took courses that weren’t required for her doctorate, but that would help her better treat female patients.

“I am able to improve problems that have a huge impact on the quality of life of women, such as being able to have a normal sex life again, not leaking every time they laugh or cough, and fixing pain or a problem they have been dealing with for years without the proper treatment,” Marino said. “Knowing that I changed someone’s life in such a substantial way is the biggest reason I’ve pursued women’s health as a specialty in physical therapy.”

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