A head start on business

“You’re the girl who pitched me!” said Kevin Dillon, an actor on the HBO series “Entourage,” when he saw Jolijt Tamanaha, a senior in Arts & Sciences, at the Austin, Texas, airport.

A passion for teaching the deaf and hard of hearing

Aimee Gao’s interest in deaf culture was first piqued in fourth grade when her class learned the story of Helen Keller, dabbled in American sign language and put on a play for students at the Kansas School for the Deaf. Later, as an undergraduate at William Jewell College, where she earned a degree in elementary […]

Hooked on Entrepreneurship

Joe McDonald has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In high school, he tried to start your typical teenage businesses — lawn mowing service, disc jockey, whatever other “wacky ideas” came to him.

Learning about the world, aiming to change it

With roots in another continent and a longtime interest in health and cultural issues, medical student Rahel Ghenbot felt a career in global health was a possibility.

Throwback Thursday: “Galleria Snow”: Midterms, 2011

Washington University in St. Louis senior Amanda Man won fourth place in the 2015 Arts & Sciences Senior Photo Competition for photo “Galleria Snow,” which captured a magical moment at the mall.

Bawel committed to serving society’s most vulnerable

For both better and worse, Washington University in St. Louis senior Tori Bawel suffered a major concussion while biking through campus her sophomore year. The accident landed her in the hospital where she met exceptional caregivers and found a path for her future.