2015 Serving the Community

Bawel committed to serving society’s most vulnerable

Tori Bawel

Photo by James Byard/WUSTL Photos

For both better and worse, Washington University in St. Louis senior Tori Bawel suffered a major concussion while biking through campus her sophomore year. The accident landed her in the hospital where she met exceptional caregivers and found a path for her future.

“The care and compassion that I received as a patient, first in the ER and then later as I recovered, deeply impacted me,” Bawel said.

Bawel arrived at Washington University committed to combating human trafficking, which affects millions of victims worldwide. Because trafficking is a global problem, Bawel planned to major in international and area studies, but she later switched to chemistry. “I recognized how I could help both individual patients and vulnerable populations through medicine, research and advocacy,” she said.

Bawel, who is an Annika Rodriguez Scholar and a Gephardt Institute Civic Scholar, plans to attend Stanford University School of Medicine in the fall. “There are so many ways to make a difference — through law, social programs, education and medicine.”

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