2015 Making Memories

Throwback Thursday: “Galleria Snow”: Midterms, 2011

Tori Bawel

From left to right: Prachi Thapar, Nancy Yang, Anchal Saxena, Ashley Earley (blue sleeves) and Trey Leeper (red sleeves).

Washington University in St. Louis senior Amanda Man won fourth place in the 2015 Arts & Sciences Senior Photo Competition for her photo “Galleria Snow,” which captured a magical moment at the mall. Man, who is majoring in English and secondary education, will be teaching English at a charter high school in Trenton, New Jersey, after graduation.

“My freshman floormates were and continue to be some of the closest friends I’ve ever had. In the midst of November midterms and the stress of freshman year, we took a study break to walk through the Galleria, when suddenly the artificial snow machine started up, and all around us little foam flakes floated gently down. Our group was made up of students from New Jersey, Minnesota, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia and Beijing, so we had varying familiarity with snow, but we all, in that moment, marveled together at the fake white fluff falling from machines hidden in the holiday decorations.”

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