2014 Sparking Innovation

Seniors ‘print’ pink prosthetic arm

3d printed pink prosthetic arm

(from left) Seniors Kranti Peddada, Kendall Gretsch and Henry Lather designed and built a robotic
prosthetic arm for 13-year-old Sydney Kendall. Sydney requested that her new arm be pink.

The child: Sydney, a 13-year-old who lost her arm in a boating accident when she was 6 years old.

The project: To develop a robotic prosthetic arm. Pink preferably.

The challenge: To keep costs low. Children need new prosthetics as their bodies grow. That can pose a big financial burden on families.

The result: Students Kendall Gretsch, Henry Lather, Kranti Peddada — all seniors studying biomedical engineering — used a 3-D printer to create a robotic prosthetic arm that Sydney can control through moving her shoulder. And, as Sydney requested, it was neon pink. Total cost: $200.

The change: Sydney says she loves her new arm. For the first time, she can use a mouse or throw a ball. The experience has changed the students’ lives as well. “It really showed us the great things you can accomplish when you bridge medicine and technology,” Peddada said.

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