2014 Sparking Innovation

Courting success

Tim Cooney

Tim Cooney grew up in St. Louis and rarely had a place where his friends could gather and play a pick-up game of basketball. Cooney, a three-year starter on the nationally ranked Washington University men’s basketball team, is trying to make that change for future generations.

Through the Rally St. Louis campaign, a nonprofit charity that has developed a platform to empower the residents of St. Louis to help shape the future of the city, Cooney has started Project Blacktop.

Cooney’s goal is to beautify urban areas of St. Louis with functional outdoor basketball courts that can also host community-building events. The courts would be eye-catching and appealing, with green space around them.

Cooney, who helped lead the Bears to a 78-28 (.736) overall record with three NCAA Tournament appearances and three-straight UAA titles (2012, 2013, 2014), double majored in marketing and entrepreneurship at the Olin Business School. He has accepted a job with Anheuser-Busch working in the Sales Development Program.

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