2016 Class Acts

Photo editor sees university through a different lens

Huber is a December Graduate from the Olin Business School and Student Life senior photo editor. Photos by Joe Angeles/WUSTL Photos

Huber is a December graduate from the Olin Business School and Student Life senior photo editor. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

Here’s what senior Stephen Huber learned as Student Life senior photo editor.

The lighting in Umrath Lounge is the worst.

The best place to shoot volleyball is from the second tier of the Field House.

And the worldviews of Washington University students are way more diverse than most realize.

“I’ve had the opportunity to go to every kind of event sponsored by every kind of student group,” Huber said. “I really appreciate the diversity here. People have such different passions and backgrounds.”

Huber graduates in December with degrees in finance and operations and in supply chain management from Olin Business School. He has accepted a position as a strategy insights and planning associate at ZS Associates in Chicago. But first he will spend the spring taking culinary arts and glassblowing classes at home.

“If not now, when,” said Huber, who is from metro Detroit. “I love being creative as long as it doesn’t involve a paintbrush or a pencil.”

Huber was born an entrepreneur. In kindergarten, he proclaimed his dream gig was Pokemon dealer. His passion for photography came later. In high school, he started taking nature shots — flowers, trees, that kind of thing. Then he discovered sports photography.

“I love the action, the not knowing what would come next,” Huber said. “But I also love the challenge. To me, great sports photography isn’t just about getting the big play; it’s about telling the story of the game in a single shot.”

During his first year at WashU, Huber joined Student Life as a sports photographer, but soon he was assigned to shoot news and feature assignments.

“We had a really thin staff of photographers, so I covered everything,” Huber said. “I was forced to go to events that I otherwise would not have gone to and meet people I would have never met. To me, that’s definitely been one of the best parts of the job.”

Since then, Huber has shot hundreds of games, productions, protests and concerts, and he’s edited some 20 shoots a week. He’s also recruited and mentored a new generation of 25 Student Life photographers. His favorite assignments include the Presidential Debate and LouFest. In this slideshow, Huber shares the story behind some of his favorite images.