Involved and passionate

Everyone at Washington University seems to know Olin Business School student Khalyani Sankar. During her time here, she has remained a prominent student voice, bridging many facets of the campus community through her leadership and involvement.

Making Small Moves, Creating Big Change

John Lentz, master’s degree candidate in public health at the Brown School, believes that once it is understood how a large-scale administrative health care system functions, even a small tweak can generate a major improvement in health outcomes.

Spirit of ingenuity: WashU student searches for ecological solutions to basic human needs

No one knows how many people live in Kibera, Kenya. Estimates are contested but range from 200,000 to 500,000 to upwards of a million. What is certain is that this century-old informal settlement, squeezed into one square mile on the northern bank of the Nairobi River, is among the most crowded and impoverished places on earth. It is also largely devoid of adequate sanitation infrastructure, says Andrea Godshalk, a master’s candidate in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.